“Urban Legends of Southern California” là một sự kiện Halloween Haunt tại OC Fair & Event Center từ tối thứ Tư ngày 1 tháng 10 đến Chủ nhật ngày 1 tháng 11 năm 2020

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Trải nghiệm Halloween Haunt Drive-Thru sáng tạo với tựa đề “Urban Legends of Southern California” sẽ diễn ra từ ngày 1 tháng 10 – ngày 1 tháng 11 tại OC Fair & Event Center
Halloween được lưu lại ở Orange County

COSTA MESA, California,
Ngày 11 tháng 8 năm 2020

Các nhà sản xuất đằng sau Winter Fest OC, truyền thống kỳ nghỉ hàng năm của Nam California và Giám đốc Sáng tạo và Nhà sản xuất trước đây của Queen Mary’s Dark Harbour đã hợp tác để phát triển một cách an toàn cho những người thích Halloween và những người tìm kiếm sự sợ hãi để trải nghiệm cảm giác hồi hộp và ớn lạnh của Halloween đồng thời tránh xa xã hội một cách an toàn. “Urban Legends of Southern California” là một sự kiện Halloween Haunt tại OC Fair & Event Center diễn ra 24 đêm – từ tối thứ Tư đến Chủ nhật từ ngày 1 tháng 10 đến ngày 1 tháng 11.

Innovative Halloween Haunt Drive-Thru Experience Entitled “Urban Legends of Southern California” to Take Place October 1 – November 1 at The OC Fair & Event Center
Halloween Is Saved In Orange County

COSTA MESA, Calif., Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The producers behind Winter Fest OC, Southern California’s annual holiday tradition, and the previous Creative Director and Producer of Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, have teamed up to develop an innovative and safe way for Halloween revelers and scare seekers to experience the thrills and chills of Halloween, while safely social distancing. “Urban Legends of Southern California” is a drive-thru Halloween Haunt at the OC Fair & Event Center running 24 nights – Wednesday to Sunday evenings from October 1 through November 1.

Devised from the whispered folklore that has tortured and terrorized countless generations of SoCal residents, Urban Legends of Southern California manifests the creatures and stories that have been born from the fates of the cursed and forsaken. This immersive drive-thru terror experience will have guests scrambling to lock their car doors…until they realize that they’re trapped inside!

As guests arrive during their reserved time session, their vehicles will be staged in groups through timed ticketing. Once inside the event, they will be guided in groups through five different Experiential Zones on a clearly outlined course that weaves together the tales of SoCal’s scariest Urban Legend monsters! Unique immersive scenes, coordinated lighting and sound effects, daring live performances, and dazzling special effects work together to give guests a terrifyingly fun, entertaining Halloween experience. The drive-thru experience is about 45-minutes long.

“With the challenges of being able to safely host a traditional Halloween haunt during these unprecedented times, many of Southern California’s popular Halloween haunts unfortunately are cancelling,” said Mark Entner, executive producer of Urban Legends of Southern California. “Using our experience as one of the original creators and producers of the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, our team felt as though we had to provide an innovative and safe solution for the thousands of Southern Californians who look forward to enjoying the Halloween season each Fall. Our Urban Legends monsters each have ties to Southern California, and we think this is going to be an incredible immersive experience for our guests, while keeping it safe for everyone.”

Entry to the event is through online ticket purchases only with limited reservations available per time session. Early bird admission tickets start at only $49.99 per vehicle on select nights and include up to five people in each vehicle. VIP tickets, group tickets for larger vehicles of six or more people and season passes to all 24 nights are also available now at UrbanLegendsHaunt.com. Guests are encouraged to buy in advance to take advantage of early bird pricing and reserve their date and time session before they sell out.

Advanced safety measures are being taken following the CDC, State and local guidelines, including daily health screenings and body temperature checks, routine cleaning and sanitizing along with regular COVID-19 testing for all team members. All team members, including monsters, are required to wear masks and social distance at all times. Guests are also required to stay in their vehicles at all times during the experience and wear masks if they choose to roll their windows down to fully enjoy the immersive experience. Guests will also be required to turn off their vehicles inside each show zone. The entire event is outside in the open air.

For more information, visit UrbanLegendsHaunt.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @DriveThruHaunt.

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