Application for Little Saigon Tết Parade 2018

Theo tin trong Little Saigon Tết Parade

This Year, Tet Parade will be on Saturday February 17 from 9am to 12pm, which is the 2nd day of the Lunar New Year.

Application for Parade and Guidelines for Float’s requirement. Applications will only be officially accepted from January 2nd through January 29th with payment by check or cash at the office of CDNVQG 13127 Brookhurst Street, Garden Grove. Application can be filled out and submitted via email to us a head of time. However, we can only accept payment during the official opening period and the time of payment will be marked as the official entry date and is used as one of the criteria for the order of parade unit. The parade will have a very large screen TV and a 2nd stage both will be on Bolsa near Bank of America for the parading line-up people to watch the event unfolding at the main stage.

For more information, come to our weekly meeting, each Saturday from 1pm to 3pm at 13127 Brookhurst Street, Garden Grove.

This year Parade Theme is “Steadfast to Victory – Xuân Quyết Thắng”, and the Official Float is the Nhật Tảo HQ-10 Destroyer/Khu Trục Hạm
(at 1/3 the life size: 62 ft x 10 ft) and with 7-8 RVNA Navy men on board of the Ship)

*Application Submittal Period (Thời Hạn Đơn)
10am Jan 2, 2018 to 5pm Jan 23,2018


Floats Guidelines:
Floats inspection day: TBA
Set up: 6 AM
City Inspection: 12 PM
Location: Along the side road of Bolsa (Frontage Road – Green area) (Refer to map below)
Float is a truck, a towed platform, or large vehicle with decorations. Cars and Vans with banners attached to the side are not consider a float.
Floats must be NO longer than 52 ft, 12 ft wide, and 12 ft tall.
All floats must have a FIRE EXTINGUISHER that has not expired.
If a float use an electrical (power) generator, permit with the City of Westminster is required.
No adjustments/modification to floats after inspection.
Inspected floats will be parked overnight inside along Bolsa Ave. (there will be security guards overnight).
Floats that do not pass inspection will not be allowed in parade.
Floats drivers must arrive on site at 6 AM, Saturday, February 4 to move floats into staging area and line up.