Senator Janet Nguyen Appointed to the Key Committee on Higher Education

Theo tin Thượng Nghị Sĩ Janet Nguyen

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

In recognition of her efforts to make higher education accessible, the Senate Rules Committee has appointed Senator Janet Nguyen to serve on the Senate Select Committee on Student Success.

As a member of the Select Committee Senator Nguyen will join eight of her colleagues to consider the progress of the California State University and Community College systems in advancing new four-year graduation rates, non-traditional pathways in the awarding of degrees, and the criteria currently used for four-year admissions. The Select Committee will also explore innovative ways to better prepare, admit, and educate college students.

“California students deserve an opportunity to succeed and I believe the path to success begins with access to quality, affordable higher education,” said Senator Janet Nguyen. “California offers the best public higher education options but like any system, there is room for improvement. My personal goal is to be a strong advocate for students so that these colleges and universities stay open to all Californians.”

Senator Nguyen has dedicated great efforts to increase access to higher education through key legislation, including Senate Bill 326, Senate Bill 236 and Senate Bill 307. SB 326 would protect the state’s only scholarship for middle class students from being eliminated from the state budget and would further ensure that it is continuously funded at its current levels. SB 236 would freeze UC and CSU tuition rates for five years starting in 2018, place a 10 percent cap on the number of incoming out-of-state undergraduate students, and prohibit both higher education institutions from providing state-funded financial assistance to undergraduate students who are not California residents. SB 307 would seek to create a task force composed of representatives of the University of California, California State University and Community College systems to determine the extent, causes, and effects of homelessness among the college student population.

Senator Nguyen’s first hearing as a member of the Senate Select Committee on Student Success will be on June 7th. She will serve alongside Senators Steven Glazer, Benjamin Allen, Toni Atkins, Patricia Bates, Bill Dodd, Ricardo Lara, Anthony Portantino, and Scott Wilk.



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