Senator Janet Nguyen Appointed to Senate Select Committees Focused on Improving Opportunities for Asian Pacific Islanders and Women in the Workplace

Theo tin Thượng Nghị Sĩ Janet Nguyen

riday, March 17, 2017
Senator Janet Nguyen has been appointed to two Senate Select Committees by Senate leadership, one focusing on Asian Pacific Islander Affairs and the other on Women, Work, and Families.

Among its many goals, the Senate Select Committee on Asian Pacific Islander Affairs aims to identify ways to increase civic engagement and provide a forum for the Asian Pacific Islander community to communicate their issues while encouraging the advancement of initiatives that are important to this community. The select committee will hold several hearings over the next two years.

Concurrently, Senator Nguyen will also serve on the Senate Select Committee on Women, Work, and Families which will explore policies and raise awareness about the crucial role women play in our society as primary caretakers, earners, and leaders. Despite the great strides California has made with regard to gender diversity in the workplace and in corporate leadership, women are still largely underrepresented in these areas. The select committee will also work to ensure that our laws governing workplaces reflect balance for women and families while recognizing the positive impact family-friendly workplaces have on productivity.

“Participating in these committees provides the residents of the Thirty-Fourth Senate District a direct voice in matters that impact our families and communities,” said Senator Janet Nguyen.

In an effort to assist working women and families, Senator Nguyen has previously introduced legislation such as SB 268, a bill that would have allowed working families with incomes of $250,000 a year or less to receive a deduction in the qualifying expenses used to calculate child tax credits.



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