Senator Janet Nguyen Issues Statement Regarding Her Forcible Removal from the Senate Floor During Adjournment in Memory of Vietnamese and Vietnamese Refugees

Theo tin Thượng Nghị Sĩ Janet Nguyen

Friday, February 24, 2017
(Garden Grove, CA) California State Senator Janet Nguyen today issued the following statement regarding the events that transpired this morning on the Senate floor:

“Today, in a clear violation of my first amendment rights, I was silenced and forcibly removed from the Senate Floor during an adjournment in memory of Vietnamese and Vietnamese refugees which also offered another historic perspective on Former Senator Tom Hayden’s active support of North Vietnam’s Communist Regime during the Vietnam War.

I was especially perplexed by the actions taken against me because I notified the Senate Pro Tem’s office of my desire to speak on this subject matter and followed protocol. Out of respect for former Senator Hayden’s family, I also chose to wait to make my comments today rather than on the day they were present earlier this week. Nevertheless, the Senate leadership chose to censor me.

My family came to this country in search of the very freedom that was taken away from me this morning. I am deeply disappointed with Senate leadership’s actions because more than an act against me, Senate leadership silenced the voice of the residents of the 34th District, the more than 960,000 residents that I represent, whose freedoms of speech should never be silenced.”






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